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Usb Mini Portable Electric Fan

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Mini Fan F8 2000mAh
Mini Fan F8X 4800mAh
Mini Fan F8X 4800mAh 2
Mini Fan F8X 4800mAh 3
Mini Fan F8 2000mAh 4
Mini Fan F8 2000mAh 5
Mini Fan F8 2000mAh 6


Presenting the USB Mini Portable Electric Fan – a compact and efficient cooling solution designed to keep you comfortable on the go. Crafted with precision, this mini fan offers a portable and convenient way to stay cool in various settings.

Designed for portability and ease of use, the USB Mini Portable Electric Fan typically features a small and lightweight design. Its compact size allows you to carry it easily in your bag, pocket, or purse, making it ideal for travel, outdoor activities, or any situation where a quick breeze is needed. Equipped with a USB connection, this mini fan is powered by various sources, such as USB ports on laptops, power banks, or wall adapters. The versatility of the USB connection ensures that you can enjoy the cooling benefits of the fan wherever you have access to a USB power source.
1. Long Battery Endurance
*(46hours 4800mah Version)
2. Mini Figure
* ( size:43.5*41*120 mm, weight:180 gram )
3. Power Bank Function
*(5V2A output on 4800mah version)
4. Work on 5Volt USB
*(5V2A fast charging on 4800mah version)
5. Rechargeable Design (battery included)
6. Easy to Rechargeable (power bank, laptop, and USB charger)
7. Unique Bright Flashlight*(50-60lm)
8. Strong Airflow(2200 -3300 rpm)

Package Include:
1. 1*mini fan
2. 1* micro USB cable
3. 1*user manual
4. 1*lanyard

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