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3D Virtual Reality Glasses Headset

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Meet the 3D Virtual Reality Glasses Headset – an immersive and cutting-edge device that transports you to a world of virtual experiences. Crafted with precision, this headset offers a revolutionary way to enjoy virtual reality content, whether it's gaming, movies, or interactive simulations.

Designed for comfort and optimal visual experience, the 3D Virtual Reality Glasses Headset typically features adjustable head straps and cushioned eye pads. These elements ensure a snug fit on your head, allowing for extended periods of use without discomfort. The headset often accommodates various head sizes and shapes, providing a customizable and enjoyable VR experience for users. Equipped with high-quality lenses and advanced display technology, the headset delivers a stunning and lifelike visual experience. The 3D capabilities immerse users in a virtual environment, creating a sense of depth and realism.

All-in-one Virtual Reality Glasses: Yes
Controllers: No
Sensor Type: None
3D Glasses Type: Virtual Reality
Viewing Experience: Immersive
Compatible Device: SMARTPHONES
Type: Binocular
Base Stations: No
FOV: 120
Package: Yes
Certification: CE
Bundle: Bundle 1
Ports: 3.5mm
Set Type: Glasses Only

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